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Stop The Removal of a Monument in Huntsville AL

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To The Leaders of Alabama:

   We the people of Alabama who are legal residents, who vote and pay taxes are standing up united to say we have had enough of the leftist violent, and bullying agenda. This loophole in our Monument Bill must be closed. Mitch Landrieu proved $25,000 in fines is very obtainable to get. You must reject Tennessee Valley Progessives petition to move that monument at the courthouse in Huntsville, they speak on behalf of 5 groups, 3 of which has direct ties to the terrorist organization antifa. We observed more antifa coming into UNA college yesterday. We the people who have been violently beaten and bullied by these groups like Antifa, Huntsville African American History Project, They are not African Americans any longer, they are simply Americans and should be treated as such. No more changing history!! New Orleans Workers Group, Redneck Revolt, now Athens Indivisibles,and Tennessee Valley Alliance, calling for yet another monument down in Huntsville, AL., I ask you as lawmakers where does it stop? The beasts won in New Orleans so the next one on there list, Andrew Jackson ,why? Because he was a white slave owner. The civil war was not fought over slavery, it was fought over states rights. The North in fact were responsible for bringing slaves in. No slave ships ever sailed under a Confederate ship.We the people of all color have been slaves at one time, what about us white Irish slaves? If you look into these groups filing for the petition you will find links to antifa the very ones we have begged you for protection from, theyre no better than ISIS, matter of fact the flag they carried at the riot at President Trump's inauguration looked like an ISIS flag to me. We beg of you to say no to these terrorist organizations wishing to destroy history of any kind. Please hear the cries of the soldier standing who died for state rights and say no, stand with we the tax payers and voters and just say no. Say NO to the removal of any historical monument. We are American, not Taliban or Isis blowing up Buddah, were not Nazis destroying books and monuments. Leave history alone. Leave our Monuments. Look up#burningdowntheamericanplantation. Close the loophole.

Respectfully yours,

We The People Of Alabama


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