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Stop over-sized Development: Adhere to the Echo Park Community Plan & Ordinance

We ask our elected representatives to request a re-design of the ARAGON PROPERTIES LTD. Project.   The proposed Sunset/Everett apartment complex does not comply with the Standards of the Echo Park Community Plan.

At 214 units--nearly 70 Ft. tall and 823 Ft. long-- the development is out of scale with neighboring 1 & 2 story homes standing next to it.  45 Ft. is the maximum height allowed by the Plan.

-  Neighborhoods were not flyered as required

-  No Family housing or 2 BR units, only Singles/1BR

-  Only 7% low income units 

-  214 apartments: Only 17 guest parking stalls

-  No Pets or Kid-friendly grassy areas

-  70 Foot tall building stretching for 3 city blocks

This ultra-modern "Miami-Beach" development is aesthetically misplaced in Historic Angelino Heights, an area famous for 130 year old Victorian homes.

We ask that No Height Variance be granted and that the project be RE-DESIGNED to a smaller scale in alignment with the stated Programs, Policies and Objectives of the Community Plan in place.

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  • GEPENC, Councilman Cedillo CD#1, Councilman O'Farrell CD#13

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