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Law in Australia for children and teenagers to be changed

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On the morning of the 19th of November, 2017, a 13 year old decided to break and enter a woman’s residence in Bellmere, in which he stole a car. He went on a joyride which led to an incident in which he ran from. He made his way to Ningi, where he got the car stuck in mud, in which he burned the entire car. This young mother now has no car, no car seat, or pram. Her purse was also inside the car. She has a very ill child who needs medical assistance and goes regularly to the doctors and hospital. This young male is part of a youth street gang that police will not enforce law against. If they are arrested for a crime, they’re lucky to be inside a jail cell for more than 24 hours.

If the youth want to do the crime, they should do the time. They are well and truly aware of what they’re doing and the severity of the crimes they’re committing. If it was an adult, would they get to go home after a Break and Enter, Theft, Underage driving, driving unlicensed, Hit and Run, reckless driving, speeding, property destruction, and Arson all in 24 hours? If that's just 24 hours, and we continue to let them go, what could they do in the next few days, weeks, months or years? It's proven that if repeat offenders get away with a crime, they will escalate over-time to more and more serious crimes. This particular person is only 13, and this latest criminal act is a large escalation from previous crimes. It’s time to put a stop to this. People are becoming afraid to walk the streets alone, regardless the time of the day. Letting these people get away with the crimes, sets an example for all others of similar age – “If they can get away with it, so can we”.

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