Reduce the tuition fees of international students in Canadian colleges

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In this period of Covid-19 pandemic, one of the group who have been hit the hardest in Canada is the international students. 

Now, the colleges have announced that all of the summer semester will be remotely delivered, this  means that we will not be using any colleges facilities. Yet still we are expected to pay the full fees for that semester. We have lost our jobs, and are expected to not get employed even long after this crisis ends. We still have to pay our bills and rents also.

We want our tuition fees for the summer semester to be reduced.

We are also paying taxes to the Canadian government  but not getting any reliefs that the citizens might get. Yet we are just asking for our fees to be reduced for the summer semester. It's not a huge thing to ask as we are away from our families, without any employment, paying huge amounts of tuition fees even when we are not using the college facilities.

This is a humble request to our college supervisors, deans and other authorities to please understand our situation and give us some hope to be able to survive in this time of crisis.