Act now, determine measurable actions with time lines to address climate change.

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Reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) have increasingly demonstrated how little time we have left to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before triggering catastrophic climate change. The one thing these reports failed to predict was how fast climate changes would occur. The future is here; our climate has already changed and will continue to change for many decades to come. We need to act quickly to adapt to and mitigate those changes This is when the voice of the people becomes so vital. 

 We must act as individuals, but our politicians must also take clear actions. The well being of our environment and that of our children and grandchildren depends on our collective actions. Together, our council members and the constituents of Georgian Bluffs can make a differnce. For The Council of Georgian Bluffs to become the leaders in in carbon emission reduction that they say they want to be, they must they must set clear measureable targets with timelines for attainment. They must also work with their constituents in identifying the targets, this well result in a greater depth of options and stronger community buy in.

Please join the grassroots movement to stress the importance to your council members to PLAN and ACT NOW!