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Stop Baby Mama Drama!

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Do you have Baby Mama Drama? Do you know someone who has Baby Mama Drama? Are you sick and tired of Baby Mama Drama? Are you being alienated from your child or children? Does it seem as though the Baby Mama Drama will NEVER EVER end? Do you think that it’s time for law makers to put a law in place that will hold baby mamas with drama accountable for their negative actions that is clearly unhealthy physically and emotionally to the child or children?

My name is Cassandra L. Thomas; I am a grandmother. I am fighting for every father, grandparent and great-grandparent who is physically, mentally and emotionally tired of fighting to be a part of a child’s life due to the interference of the mother. I feel that in THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD or CHILDREN, the bullet points below should fall under a new law entitled PARENTAL DISORDER, PARENTAL VIOLATION or PARENTAL DISTURBANCE. The constant emotional rollercoaster that fathers, grandparents and great-grandparents are experiencing today is causing their health to fail, when all we want is the chance to be the loving parent/grandparent that our elders were to us. But unfortunately there are thousands of angry, bitter, selfish, non-working and disruptive mothers who refuse to allow the child the happiness that is due to them. One thing I witnessed during the time I booked inmates at a local jail is that NO ONE likes being locked up. Notice how parents started being accountable for their teens when the law decided to charge them for their teens not honoring a curfew or attending school? I believe if these mothers with drama KNEW that a law has been placed to hold them accountable for their actions, they will think twice before causing so much drama. Furthermore, Georgia Governor Deal signed a bill giving grandparents the right to spend time with their grandchildren. However, there are no forms to start the process. My goal is to get 1,000 signatures so that I can submit a formal letter with this request to the state house to past the bill. Until a law is set in place…the drama will NEVER STOP.

NOTE: Due to the incident in Chicago where a young father duck taped his 2 year old daughter because she hit him back, this petition now refers to baby daddy drama as well. I want to raise our concern to the state house about this national issue. Sir/Madam, this petition will put pressure on this issue. Will you sign this petition?

• Make harassing phone calls and text messages to father
• Alienate child from father due to money
• Cause public outrage using profane and abusive language
• Make false statements to law enforcement
• Intentionally cause friction between the father and new boyfriend
• Using the child support money to keep up with her lifestyle
• Preying on working men just to conceive a child with him to later collect child support payments.
• Speak negative about non custodial parent to the child or children
• Provoke the father to anger
• Make Terroristic Threats to father’s new mate
• Use the child or children to punish father
• Cause damage to property
• Stalking
• Willfully keep child or children from grandparents
• Causing a disturbance at the father’s place of employment
• Willfully lie on the father on court forms and in the courtroom
• Knowingly provides the courts with the wrong address of the father that eventually cause the father to be arrested for Failure to Appear
• Leaving the state with the child when a court order is in place and the child is legitimized
• Theft by deception-convince father to give her child support in cash and then later file false report stating that he has never given her anything for child support
• And last, I think when the courts discover that a mother has lied about who the father of her child or children is, she should be given a mandatory sentence of two years in jail for causing financial and emotional strain to the father

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