Georgia - Protect Victims of Rape on College Campuses

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Georgia HB 51 proposes to forbid College and Universities from investigating accusations of rape on campus. This is troublesome due to the fact that a lot of incidents of date rape, or women being raped after being drugged, don't make it to the courts. There is a lot of skepticism, burden of proof issues, and low likelihood of conviction. Only 25% of rapes reported to police lead to an arrest. Under Title IX, the accusation is still investigated, because it is a matter of gender equality. Schools and Universities can act quickly to suspend, or expel students, whereas a criminal trial can take years. Taking away their ability to protect sexual assault victims would make a campuses less safe. Schools and Universities can offer counseling, and other social support, which the legal/criminal system doesn't provide to the victims of sexual assault.

Schools and Universities have to follow the guidelines set forth by the Office of Civil Rights for the accused, if they don't, they open themselves up to lawsuits and funding decreases. The alleged assailants have a lot of protections for these proceedings because of this.

This doesn't remove the legal/criminal process from the incident. Campus police are still involved, and the incident is still reported to the authorities. The university's decision is not weighted in the criminal investigation. The university's decision only goes as far as that student's record at the university. 

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