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Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles Chairman Terry E. Barnard and

Why this petition matters

Started by Roy Wise
  • This is a case of abuse of discretion by the state of Georgia , due to actions and inactions of state officials of the Dept.  Of Corrections,  and the Parole Board. My cousin, Timothy Wise, a 100% VA disabled veteran, has been eligible for parole since 1992. He was denied parole several times over many years according to the Parole Board because of factors out of his control such as (the nature and circumstances of the offense for which he was convicted , and for somehow supposedly being incompatible with the welfare of society).  He was in effect being resentenced all over again each time he came up for parole consideration, instead of being seriously and legitimately considered for his clemency .  My cousin was sentenced to serve time in prison for a terrible decision made in his youth.  However,  this Parole Board was now telling him that according to them,  he was incompatible with the welfare of society , even though he had put his life on the line and voluntarily joined the military to serve that very society! After serving over 30 years on a life sentence , he was sent to  a "work-release program" by the Parole Board in 2015, and told he had to complete this program in order to be granted parole,  even though he has medically documented disabilities from his military service,  and was granted 100% disability compensation for these disabilities.  Why/how  could a Parole Board do this to someone , especially someone that has honorably served our country?  To add insult to injury,  after he tried his best to complete this program,  after being there for 16 months and trying to finally gain his clemency and make it home to his elderly mother,  but having lost 2 jobs while there due to his medical issues,  the Ga.  DOC Superintendent of the facility he was at,  for her own personal reasons,  unjustly and maliciously made false accusations against him to the Parole Board so that they would return him to prison,  which they did!  They also denied his clemency consideration again for 3 more years!  After having served these extra unwarranted 3 years,  the Parole Board again denied his consideration for 3 more years and had the audacity to tell him in a letter that the reason for denial was because he had not been incarcerated long enough,  and a copy of this letter is hereby included proving this fact! This is after they sent him to a halfway house facility , and the fact that he has already served more years on his sentence than the average lifer in Georgia!  An attorney was hired to try and assist in Tim's effort  to explain to the Parole Board his having been falsely accused of whatever this Superintendent said,  but the Parole Board , that advertises itself as a fair and judicious body of state government, interested in informed decision -making,  refused to even hear his plea! Another attorney even advised Tim to give up his fight against the Superintendent, because the Parole Board would always take her side, even though he could show a good case of having been falsely accused of misconduct, and was more than willing to submit to polygraph tests and anything else to prove his innocence of whatever this DOC employee had said about him in her unethical scheme in manipulating the Parole Board to have Tim sent back to prison, and possibly jeopardizing any future chance for him to obtain his clemency!

My cousin is at the mercy of this Parole Board to be granted clemency,  and this is what he has received from this so-called fair and judicious body of state government!  Really? As the Georgia Parole Board's Mission Statement claims to be focused on providing offenders opportunities for positive change,  this focus was completely lost in Tim's case,  through no fault of his own , and this is why it's being brought to the light in this petition,  and is an alarm for every veteran,  and for everyone that has a loved one incarcerated in Georgia,  because this could be happening to anybody in prison in Georgia ! The questions here for this Parole Board keep adding up: Why did they try to force him to complete a WORK-RELEASE PROGRAM in the first place?   It seems to be the case that it is the Georgia Parole Board THAT IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE WELFARE OF SOCIETY! 

Hello Governor,  Judges,  and Lawmakers!  Any of you paying attention here?? 

The Georgia laws have given this Parole Board in Georgia all the power to do whatever it pleases,  and the officials there have taken full advantage of this by doing whatever they desire in any particular case with no accountability,  and no person or entity to answer to! 

Please support this cause and help bring accountability and justice to a veteran and a good person that made a bad decision in his youth,  37 years ago,  and that has paid for his crime!  This is a travesty and a living nightmare for my cousin,  and those involved in every part of this horrific plot and hiding behind their state issued badges are the ones that should be behind bars! 


920 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!