State of Georgia must notify 53,000 voters to Reregister by Tuesday, 16 October 2018

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Analysis from the Associated Press has found since 2012 over 1.4 million Voters in the State of Georgia were not allowed to exercise their right to vote.

Brian Kemp the current Republican candidate for Governor, has been in charge of elections and voter registration in Georgia as the Secretary of State.

Brian Kemp's office has conducted Voter Registration Roll maintenance resulting in 1.4 million people not being able to Vote. This is a Jim Crow era tactic alive and well in the South and other areas in America.

The end result of Voter Registration Roll maintenance largely prevents minorities and Senior citizens of Color from exercising their right to Vote.

670,000 Voters in 2017 alone were removed via the Registration Rolls maintenance with Brian Kemp's approval as the Georgia Secretary of State!

Please stand with others who exercise their right to vote and DEMAND the 53,000 voters, many of whom have no idea they must Reregister by Tuesday, 16 October 2018 are notified immediately in order to vote in the upcoming General election.

Additionally, legislation must be put in place to protect the Rights of the citizens of Georgia and other States throughout the United States of America from these 'purges' ever occurring again.

The WORLD is watching America.

Allow all United States citizens voices be heard via the Ballot!

Thank You

Signed a concerned voter in the United States of America