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Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp: Appoint a more permanent knowledgeable Executive Director to the GAEC

Not having an Executive Director for The Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission (GAEC) puts the Georgia Marital Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing and Professional Wrestling industries in peril. These are thriving industries in the state, employing thousands of people and providing valuable sources of revenue for the Georgia economy.

We ask that the Secretary of State take the time to rethink the situation and appoint a knowledgeable individual with experience in the combat sports to the position of Executive Director. As of November 5, several have applied for the position.

Without a knowledgeable person in the position of Executive Director there is nobody to approve the matchmaking of events and thus no events will occur in the state of Georgia until this position is filled.

The sports of MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Professional Wrestling have been a significant source of income for Georgia an has been a contributor to the Georgia economy for years. This is a viable industry that has brought profit to the GAEC each year and we hope this can continue into 2013 and beyond.

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