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Georgia's Governor Race: We Want Stacey Abrams

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Hi Georgia family,

My name is Hillary Holley, and I have lived in Georgia my entire life. Growing up in Lawrenceville, going on camping trips in North Georgia, travelling to Savannah for vacation, and then moving to Atlanta to attend college, I've gotten to know that Georgia is not the Republican dominated hub that it once was. 

To me, and so many others, Georgia is a state that has people from all walks of life who share core progressive values--regardless of zip code. In Georgia, we care about equitable education; saving lower and middle income families from tax increases; healthcare; small businesses; agriculture; transportation and infrastructure; acceptance of all religions, genders, sexual orientations, races, and disabilities; our immigrant neighbors; and reproductive and civil rights. With all of that, I truly believe that House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams not only encompasses these values, but will also act on these values.

Abrams helped save Georgia's House from becoming a Republican super majority, defeated tax increases on lower and middle income families, fought and continues to fight for Medicaid expansion, stopped government attacks on reproductive rights, passed legislation to help military families, added additional resources to grandparents and kinship care to families in the foster care program, led the way to stop the Opportunity School District amendment which would have taken away community control of public schools and placed them in the hands of for-profit businesses, founded the New Georgia Project which helped thousands of people sign up for healthcare through the Affordable Healthcare Act and registered over 200,000 people of color to vote, and with the House Caucus created "Georgia Resists" after Trump became president so we could have an organizational tool to fight against his agenda.

With this track record, we can count on Abrams to protect Georgia from state Republicans and President Trump's attempt to strip away protections and programs that we rely on and love. We just need to let her know we are happy to have her in this important governors race.

Many people are doubting the possibility of a progressive like Abrams becoming governor in Georgia, but I know we're ready.

So I'm asking to please join me in supporting Stacey Abrams. 

In Solidarity,


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