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Georgia Power has petitioned the Public Service Commission for a graduated rate hike over the next three years that almost doubles the operational fee for receiving service from this public utility.

This is a fee placed on your bill even before you turn on your lights! 

Low income residents already devote more than three times their income to energy costs than middle and high income households. In Georgia, the poor, marginalized communities with lower wealth and communities of color bear the heaviest energy burdens as they struggle to pay high energy bills.Georgia Power has to stop increasing the energy bill off the backs of low-income American Citizens.

Georgia Power has increase the energy bill the last 3 times the collective bargin has been up for review by the Public Service Commissioner, which they have voted in the favor of Georgia Power rate increase everytime. Georgia Power would like to now are increase the mandatory monthly fee from $10 to $17.95 per month! They are proposing to increase the per watts fee as well. We as Taxpayers say NO MORE increase, Georgia Power! We stand against the increase this time. We too have been affect by natural diasters and life circumstances.

Join Fight the Hike in demanding Georgia Power stop increasing the energy bill and offer a voucher to Senior Citizens and families of two or more that are experiencing financial difficulties during a Natural diasters.

Please sign our petition to have the Georgia Public Service Commission tell Georgia Power "No" to their request for a rate hike!