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Do not bring back the cruel "Sea Lion Splash" side show next year!

The Sea Lion Splash show is a travelling sea lion circus that keep Sea Lions in unnatural and cruel settings. The entire enclosure consists of a stage, a small show tank that is hardly big enough for one Sea Lion to move about in, and a literal above-ground kiddie pool. The water is murky and green, and it is difficult to even see the animals when they are submerged.

After watching the Sea Lions for about an hour, all they did was sit in the corner of the stage weaving back and forth, and the others were swimming circles in thier kiddie pool with their eyes clenched shut, as the chemically treated water was likely  damaging their eyes. When I got an up-close look, mutliple sea lions had red and very inflammed eyes.

The Sea Lions are apparently "Rescued" but they are treated like circus clowns. If these animals truly could not have been released back into the ocean, then they should be living in the most natural captive conditions possible, not being forced to undergo the huge amounts of stress from performing for food and travelling all over the country.


The Georgia national Fair is supossed to be an event that is family-friendly and fun for all, but it certainly is not that when they are promoting animal abuseto families and small children. Please ask the Georgia National Fair to not re-hire this Sea Lion Act at the fair next year! Let them know we will not tolerate this kind of abuse and animal exploitation!



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Do not bring back the cruel "Sea Lion Splash" side show next year! To treat Sea Lions in such a degrading way and to put them under the stress of performing and travelling all around the country is just outright cruel. You will not be receiving any support from me. The fair is supposed to be a fun experience for all ages, and to treat animals in such a way is only supporting and promoting animal cruelty, something no family should be okay with.

I ask you to not re-hire this Sea Lion Splash show again next year, as it is very cruel, and takes away from the fair experience greatly.