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It’s time for Georgia to remove an extremely offensive statue from the front of the Capitol.

For 80 years, a statue of white supremacist Thomas E. Watson has stood before the state Capitol entrance, welcoming visitors with clenched fists and false words. It serves to celebrate the most extreme episodes of racial and religious hatred in our past.

Watson won fame for promoting hate through publications he owned. He wrote that the African-American “is not any more our brother than the apes.” He defended the lynching of blacks and was for denying them the right to vote. He called Catholics “traitors” and wrote that priests imprisoned nuns for immoral purposes in convents like dungeons. He also railed against “rich Jews” and "degenerate Jews” and said that "Jews sell gentile girls into houses of prostitution."

Watson’s editorials and articles stirred anti-Semitism into a frenzy after the 1913 trial of Jewish businessman Leo Frank and contributed to the environment that led to Frank’s lynching. Watson then praised the murderers as “bold, true men" after Frank was seized from jail and lynched in 1915.

Amid many failed runs for office, Watson served just one full term as a congressman and a little more than a year as a United States senator. Despite his thin record of public service and thick record of hate, his statue occupies the most prominent spot on Georgia’s Capitol grounds: in the plaza at the front steps.

Watson was a white supremacist and a religious bigot, yet the plaque on his statue in front of the Capitol proclaims him “a champion of right who never faltered in the cause.”

Georgia’s history is graced by finer champions, and by higher causes than racism and religious hate. We urge the Georgia Legislature to take down Watson’s statue. It doesn’t represent our past, present or future. Replace it with a monument honoring one of our many great leaders — a monument that can inspire us and represent Georgia honorably to the world.

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Letter to
Georgia Legislature
Dear Governor Deal, Lieutenant Governor Cagle, Speaker Ralston and Members of the Georgia General Assembly:

I just signed a petition asking the General Assembly to remove the statue of white supremacist Thomas E. Watson from its prominent location in front of the Capitol.

As you no doubt know, Watson stirred up anti-Semitism after the Leo Frank trial in Atlanta. He then praised those who kidnapped and hanged the Jewish businessman.

What is less commonly known is the extremity of Watson’s slander against blacks, Catholics and others. He urged the lynching of blacks and compared them to apes. He called Catholics “traitors” and implied that priests kept nuns in dungeons for immoral purposes. He claimed that Jewish men coveted Gentile girls. And on and on. Many of his insults are too vulgar to be repeated here; some can be found at

Here’s another surprise: He served just one term as a congressman and little more than a year as a U.S. senator (in both cases as a Democrat). Occupying the most prominent location on the Capitol grounds, his statue besmirches our state’s reputation.

Won’t you join with those of us who’ve signed this petition in working to remove the stain of bigotry from our Capitol’s front steps? We have too much to be proud of to be represented by such a flawed figure. I, for one, would be proud to stand with you as you lead the state to send a more positive message to fellow Georgians and the world.

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