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Grandparent custodians be allowed in Georgia by passing Georgia HB 321: Domestic relations

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As many of you know Grandparents are raising their Grandchildren all over our country due to parents being unable to do so themselves.  As Grandparents we have no custodial rights and must prove it is harmful to the child for the child to be removed from our care.  There is a pending bill that will change the laws making it easier for Grandparents to get and keep custody of the grandchildren.  

We have a pending case in regards to my 7 year old granddaughter where she may be taken from her home of 3 years and made to move 200 miles away from her maternal family and her 4 year old brother.  As it stands there is no law governing siblings rights either and I have had to fight for them to get time together each week.  They are only allowed 2-1/2 to 3 hours per week together because my grandsons family wish to be in control and have my granddaughter go to spend time with them.  

My grandson is already being confused by being told he has two Mommies and I believe my granddaughter will be emotionally scarred if she is subjected to this as she loves and misses her Mommy very much.  As it stands she gets to see her brother a few hours each week while in my care.  

With signatures on this petition prior to July 1, 2017 then I may have a greater chance of keeping custody of my granddaughter.  There has been a a lot of hate spewed out from people who call themselves Christians while using aliases so if you see anything like that on here, please do your best to ignore it.

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