More support put in place for Men’s mental health

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I am starting a petition regarding we need to get more help & more bed spaces for men’s mental health and more help needs to be put in place.

Sadly on the 7th August 2018 my brother sadly took his own life at just age 32, He had battled with mental health many years ago but since then had been living a normal happy life & had an amazing daughter & was a single dad everything was going so well for him. Then a month ago he got really unwell again, He Knew from his past experience what it was so he then put himself into oxleas because he knew he needed the right help. He was in the oxleas unit for a week but he was discharged as they needed bed spaces & said he was ok to go home and a home team officer would be out each day to vist him but from the day he walked out of there no one ever came round to his home he was in a really bad way and they turnt there back on him when he was most in need.

Then a week after he had been discharged from the oxleas unit the worst thing that could ever happened happened,He sadly took his own life. The night before suicide took him he also called the police & oxleas home team officers for help & got turned away from both and told to go sit in A&E for how ever many hours like he experienced when he got himself put in there!

More help & support needs to be put in place for people In need we need more bed spaces or more places to go to, To help these people instead of having Togo & sit in A&E surrounded by people & so much going on when your going threw these awful thoughts.

We need something to be done it’s happing so often now & it’s not fair there letting out men down tromendsley�

Thankyou for reading my story & I hope we can make a difference for people that are in need of help.Please everyone sign & share we can try and make a difference and put a stop to it calling our prime Minister Theresa may to use her power & intervene and put more help ect in place for those in serious need.