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The State Integrity Investigation is an unprecedented, data-driven analysis of transparency and accountability in all 50 state governments. The Center for Public Integrity partnered with Global Integrity and Public Radio International to assign each state a letter grade — based on 300 government integrity indicators.

Grading the states
•F 49% Georgia

"That's the depressing bottom line that emerges from the State Integrity Investigation, a first-of-its-kind, data-driven assessment of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption mechanisms in all 50 states. Not a single state — not one — earned an A grade from the months-long probe. Only five states earned a B grade: New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, California and Nebraska. Nineteen states got C's and 18 received D's, including a D+ for Arizona. Eight states earned failing grades of 59 or below from the project, which is a collaboration of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International.

The F's went to Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Maine, Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota and Georgia.

What's behind the dismal grades? Across the board, state ethics, open records and disclosure laws lack one key feature: teeth.

"It's a terrible problem," said Tim Potts, executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Democracy Rising PA, which works to inspire citizen trust in government. "A good law isn't worth anything if it's not enforced."

AS A FORMER GEORGIA RESIDENT I CAN STATE LAWS ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED IN GEORGIA BY STATE PUBLIC OFFICIALS, IN FACT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE BREAKING THOSE LAWS: The State of Georgia must first come to terms that firm evidence suggest that its state is corrupt and that its state employees are breaking the law.

Fix the Corruption Within Your Government and Start with Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs Rental Assistance Unit:

Georgia's Section 8 program is my issue because its housing administrators within the Georgia Department of Community Affairs have broken the very civil rights and housing laws they are supposed to uphold as mandated by the Constitution of the United States, and the Fair Housing Act.

There are two valid complaints, one of which is mine, against this state of Georgia Agency which HUD is currently investigating. Claims which document violations that include discrimination, retaliation, oppression, denials of reasonable accommodations requested from disabled participants or their disabled family members who live with them, and violations of making secton 8 participants live in faulty and dangerous housing which violates the HQS "Housing Quality Standards" set by Congress within the Fair Housing Act, violations which were imposed on Housing Choice Voucher Participants in the state of Georgia.

Two cases have been presented to HUD for investigation within a close time frame, one which is mine that has been in investigation mode since August of 2009 another case involves a woman by the name of Bonita Hunt. These cases show that at least two of the same employees within Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs Rental Assistance Unit are named for violating Civil Rights Laws and Fair Housing laws within a close time frame and they are LaRuth Holloway and Geoffrey Parker. Others have also been named within this agency as well and they are Karen Loveless, Jeffery Abney, Jacqueline Nunis, Jim Balinger, and Michael Timms.
GA DCA staff list
Note: Geoffrey Parker is no longer listed on the staff list.

To fix these issues the state of Georgia should first permanently terminate the accused employees within GA DCA and replace them with employee's who are trained properly to enforce the Fair Housing Act and consitutional laws state and federal. There is fair housing training available for GA DCA employees within that Dept. Also the State of Georgia must compensate any and all claims of injury in relation to discrimination and or injury in relation to dangerous housing that exist with supported documented evidence against the named GA DCA employees; this will be a big issue to correct since the State of Georgia Insurance Commission also got a failng grade of F
The state attorney general should bring charges against these named GA DCA employees who have broken the law and oath of office.

The courts in Georgia cannot be trusted with cases brought against the state of Georgia or big corporations due to the lack of impartiality by some judges be they federal or state judges in the Atlanta, GA courts because the judges who are corrupt always rule more times than not in favor of the state of Georgia or corporations and will do anything to make sure the state of Georgia or these big corporations come out winners every single time. When a claim is brought against a Georgia agency or corporation in Georgia's Atlanta, GA courts these judges, if they feel they can get away with it, will illegally rule against any plaintiffs who brings a valid case in their court regardless of what the law states, also if the litigant is Pro Se they will get assigned the same judge over and over when judge by law are supposed to be randomly put on cases, but that doesn't happen in Atlanta, GA courts their are special judges the crooked courts clerks assign because these conscienceless judges have no problem with dismissing valid Pro Se cases. These plaintiffs are either low income Pro Se or plaintiffs or litigants who usually lack the money to keep paying lawyers, lawyers who are paid high rates to keep the fight going in a no win court system that could potentially drag on the case for years due to corrupt practice by certain judges in the Atlanta, GA courts.

Facts: Pro Se case against GA DCA case #1 unfairly dismissed by court in favor of GA DCA. Hunt v. GA DCA Pro Se case against GA DCA case #2 unfairly dismissed by court "before" trial by peers in favor of GA DCA. Braxton v. GA DCA, et al Lawless America...The Movie will interview over 600 victims of government corruption and judicial corruption How judges commit crimes in Atlanta, GA

Georgia has a failing grade of 49% or F and is officially named the most corrupt state in America and until Georgia cleans up its act it will continue to fail its citizens, and be an embarrassment to its neighboring 49 states.

I have since moved permanently away from Georgia back to North Carolina in December of 2011 due to the blatant corruption within Georgia's government, and its courts.

So with this information presented in this petition please sign this petition to show the state of Georgia "the people" have had enough with corruption in America and its time to clean house. We can begin from the bottom and work our way to the top. Lets start "Spring Cleaning" with cleaning up Georgia, USA.


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Thank you,

Sonya Braxton and those similarly situated.

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