Tell everyone when anyone spills

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Nobody wants to drink, swim, or fish in water contaminated with sewage. Yet far too often rain (or no rain) results in pollution getting into our rivers and seeping through the porous limestone containing the Floridan Aquifer into our water wells.

The only way the public finds out about many Georgia sewage spills is when Suwannee Riverkeeper (WWALS) sends an open records request to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD) in Atlanta and publishes the results.

Because clean water is a basic right of everyone in Georgia and downstream, we the undersigned support the Resolution Requesting the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to Timely Publish Pollution Spill Reports that many organizations in Georgia and Florida have already signed.
Florida and Alabama already post spills online daily, with email alert signup, so Georgia can, too!

Specifically, we the undersigned request the Georgia Environmental Protection Division:
1) To publish spill reports the same day it receives them, online, on its website, in a spreadsheet, and;
2) To provide online email signup for receipt of alerts of spills the same day they occur, and;
3) To consider, without delaying 1 and 2 above, adding an online interactive map of recent spills.

On December 20, 2018, GA-EPD started publishing online each business day a Sewage Spills Report! So that’s item 1 from the Petition. We thank GA-EPD and we await items 2 and 3.