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TKES is not a comprehensive measurement tool to fairly assess educators.

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Georgia Department of Education
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Withdraw the Teacher Keys Evaluation System

TKES is not a comprehensive measurement tool to fairly assess educators. As professionals charged with the most important job in America, (educating our future leaders) we can no longer stand by and allow others to determine what is best for our children. While assessing the gains of our children is practical, using the outcome of test scores as the overriding factor to measure a teacher's effectiveness is narrow in scope. Assessing teachers as well as students has to be a multi-faceted approach.
Without considering factors such as socio-economic status, class size, whether or not the teacher has an assistant or how the classes are constructed (high achievers, average, mixed-ability, or low-achievers), TKES lacks validity. There are multiple factors that determine the success of a child (family, teachers, counselors and the community as a whole).
In addition, a five month-pilot of TKES does not provide sufficient evidence or research of its value. As educators, parents and administrators, we demand that we have an active role in the development of a more comprehensive form of assessment as well as determining what is best for our children. We also demand that the attendance policy be revised to take into account illness and emergencies that occur under a 24 hour period which may be beyond our control and should not be grounds for a negative strike against the teacher.
Furthermore, we as teachers demand adequate planning time to complete the ever-increasing task of completing paperwork(performance task, class grades, organizing individual students files).
Every stakeholder (teacher, counselor, parent, principal) who is a part of the learning community, that has a vested interest in the future of our children has to stand up and let the world hear our voices. Our time has come and we can't turn back! Every second that passes by and we remain complacent is time that teachers and students can't get back. SAVE OUR CHILDREN by improving education! Sign the Occupy Your Classroom petition now!

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Felts

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