Help ISR keep saving children's lives!

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Infant Swim Resources has been teaching children to self rescue for over 50 years. Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children under the age of 4, and ISR teaches children to self rescue by giving them the tools they need to roll into a floating position as well as teaching children how to swim to safety. There are over 450 ISR certified instructors, who have taught over 8,000,000 lessons with hundreds of lives saved thanks to the skills children have learned. 

Locally, ISR Grand Rapids has 3 instructors who teach in the area, with one location being at the home of one of the instructors in Jenison. Over the past Winter, this instructor, Miss Rebekah, built an indoor pool facility, working with the local township every step of the way carefully following ordinances and permits with the township fully aware of what was being built, and why she was building it. With over 400 families waiting for lessons this year, this new pool was a valuable asset in helping to reach those families and teach children the life saving skills. The pool is behind her home, with off road parking available. In May, Georgetown Township suddenly informed Miss Rebekah that her pool could not be used for lessons. Not only is it baffling that the township wouldn't stand by the approvals they gave during the construction of this pool, this also leaves hundreds of children waiting to learn these life saving skills during the swim season for this year. 

Please consider signing this petition to raise awareness of this issue in Georgetown Township and to help ISR continue to teach children these life saving skills by re-opening this pool.