Terminate Georgetown County, SC Employee w/ Hang-Man's Noose in County Vehicle

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On or about Monday, July 27th, 2020, information in regard to a county employee hanging a noose from the rear view mirror of a county owned vehicle was released to the public. The noose was reportedly in the vehiclefor several weeks. An internal investigation was conducted and “appropriate personnel action” was taken the following morning. Reportedly, the issue is now closed. South Carolina Solid and Georgetown NAACP #5520 addressed Georgetown County Council on July 28th, 2020 about the incident. We vehemently disagree with Georgetown County Government's decision not to fire the employees involved.

Members of the community and society at large have become increasingly perturbed by the overtly racist behaviors demonstrated by employees of Georgetown County Government.The history of nooses is largely understood in this region and recognized by African-Americans as a symbol terror. Displaying it in a historically African-American community was no mistake. It was a deliberate, cowardly act meant to terrorize an oppressed and marginalized population.

Resolution No. 20-15 states, “Georgetown County Council commits itself not only to address the system of institutional racism, but also to proactively identify and address biases, practices, policies, and institutional barriers that perpetuate injustice and inequality in our community.”

We, the tax paying citizens of Georgetown County demand that the county deliver on its promise to the people. We deserve more from our leaders than to have threats to our safety be covered up and swept under the rug. We demand that Georgetown County Government officials reopen the aforementioned case.

Only weeks ago, employees who did similar things were terminated, including a county fireman who posted racist remarks on social media. The precedents are established. Moreover, when a noose was found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, an African-American NASCAR driver, a federal investigation was launched immediately; this situation is significantly more consequential as the racist symbol was displayed in a Georgetown County owned vehicle. The county employee must be terminated immediately.