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Neighboring property owners are unable to enjoy their own property because the County Council has violated its own zoning ordinances by allowing a reality show to move their crews, offices, portable buildings, trucks, busses, generators, and equipment into a residential neighborhood. Neighboring families, including their children, are routinely exposed to the cast yelling, fighting, using obscene language, and urinating in the yard. The County Council is under sworn obligation to uphold the laws, including the zoning ordinances, and should take action immediately, and not delay action by referring this to their Zoning Appeals Board. This is a local emergency because families are locked down inside their own homes as a result of these zoning violations.

Letter to
Chairman, Georgetown County Council Johnny Morant
Board of Zoning Appeals John Weaver
Anita Crone
and 1 other
Gary Weinreich
Issue Zoning Violations & stop commercial activities in a residential zone

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