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Re-zone the Highlands at Mayfield Ranch community to Leander ISD before it's too late

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Help our community's families unify, increase safety while driving, save time, save money, and increase property values by re-zoning the Highlands of Mayfield Ranch to Leander ISD. 

Until recently, the Mayfield Ranch community was divided into two school districts, Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD. However, the introduction of our neighborhood, the Highlands at Mayfield Ranch, introduced a third school district, Georgetown ISD, to an already fractured community. Consider the following five major benefits this proposal would generate:

1.) Unify kids and their families:  Our kids’ opportunities for social interaction will be severely hindered without this change. The section zoned for GISD is very small, and there are very few families with kids because of the awkward district layout. Even for families who have or will have kids, their ages will be widely dispersed. The chance of our children having neighbors that are also classmates (or vice versa) is very slim. The vast majority of the neighborhood is zoned to either Leander ISD or Round Rock ISD.

2) Increase safety of school commutes:  The distance from our community to the three GISD schools is 67% farther than it is to the three assigned Leander schools. The longer commute, coupled with families and buses having to travel along high-traffic areas like I-35, greatly increases risks of major accidents, including deaths. We don't want to wait until after the first person is hurt to say, "We should have" or "We would have".

3) Save time spent commuting to school: As previously mentioned, the average distance to Georgetown ISD is 10 miles one way, while it's only six miles one way to Leander ISD. In fact, the Leander distance will decrease to 4 miles after Arterial H finishes running to Sam Bass. This equates to 72 extra hours of driving each school year for parents who drive their kids to/from school. This is a big time and money inefficiency (see #4 below) for families and schools, and we value being able to spend more time with our families.

4) Save money:  Because the distances mentioned in #3, both families and schools will be stuck spending much more in vehicular gas, mileage, maintenance, and bus driver personnel costs by leaving our community in Georgetown ISD. For a family who drives their kids to/from school, it will cost them approximately $2,100 extra annually to travel to Georgetown ISD. The Highlands at Mayfield Ranch is the only neighborhood west of I-35 and south of 2243 that Georgetown ISD buses even run to, yet there are two other school districts' buses already driving through Mayfield Ranch 2-3 times daily.

5) Increase property values: Because reasons #1-4 above, there's a huge risk our property values will decrease. Families who have kids rarely want to move into a fragmented neighborhood with long commute distances, and decreased buying demand will drop property values for our homeowners and builders.

The Highlands community is still in its infancy, so now is the most seamless opportunity we'll ever have to implement the change. Thus far, all four builders (Highland, M/I, Sitterle, and Lennar) and the property developer (Blake Magee Co.) are ALL overwhelmingly in favor of this proposal. Although we understand re-zoning can be a complicated process, we truly believe this proposal is in the best interest of the kids, the community, the school districts, and local businesses.

Please help us implement this change by voting yes when your boards of trustees meet.

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