Change to allow trailers and watercraft under 20 ft to be allowed in driveways

Change to allow trailers and watercraft under 20 ft to be allowed in driveways

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Georgetown CSA

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Started by Richard Mallick

As of right now, the Georgetown CSA and covenants doesn’t allow trailers or boats to park on a home owners property while visible from the road.  I would like to change this, and ask the board to change the policy to allow boats and trailers under 20 ft to be stored in the home owners driveway as long as it is does not disturb traffic in the neighborhoods. 

Savannah is a coastal city with many that own boats and trailers.  Just outside of Georgetown, many home owners have and store boats and trailers on their property.  With the rising cost of storage, and fuel; it it essential to save money where ever possible.  Cost of storage facilities is expensive, we all know it takes away from ownership of a watercraft or boat.  It makes it more difficult to use, and maintain your personal property as well.  If your driveway has room, we should be allowed to store our property at our homes without receiving a threatening letter from the Association.

Forcing homeowners to park their boats in the street is a safety issue. It blocks traffic, makes it harder for emergency vehicles to get in, and blocks people from seeing what's coming when backing out of driveways. The HOA is putting a falsely perceived asthetic ahead of public safety.

The Pandemic has changed the way we all spend our free time and relax.  Many people have turned to the isolated joy of boating and fishing.  I would like to see change happen on this cause and I am not sure how else to encourage it other than to look for support in our own community.  

By signing the petition below, you support this cause and want to see change that gives residents of the community the ability to save money on storage and apply that money to free time elsewhere.






190 have signed. Let’s get to 200!