Save Mortdale and our suburbs from Overdevelopment and Highrise

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Steamrollering by council and developers is happening throughout Sydney. Local residents here in Mortdale that will be negatively impacted by plans for six and seven storey complexes weren't given notification by Georges River Council or developers.

We need to take a collective stand to stop this overdevelopment and highrise development. It will damage our cultural and environmental heritage. We need to be notified and we need to be properly consulted if big plans like these are proposed.  

We the undersigned strongly oppose the following developments and/ or similar developments being permitted in Mortdale, Oatley and Penshurst:

·  85-87 Railway Parade, Mortdale (DA2017/0398) has been approved by council. We want urgent action to have this decision by Georges River Council revoked. Local residents were not notified during the submission period. This is a six-storey apartment complex with commercial and residential units.

·  The development on 1 Ellen Subway, Mortdale (DA2017/0570) is a proposed 7 storey complex.

·  The proposal for 89 Railway Pde, Mortdale (DA2018/0439) is a complex of commercial and 19 residential units.

We demand a review of DA2017/0398 as local residents were not notified. Residents in the area affected have not been notified about any of the proposed developments. The cited developments would have significant negative impacts for local residents in terms of greatly increased traffic coming into and out of these premises, risks to pedestrians (including many primary school students) who cross at Ellen Subway.  Cultural and environmental heritage (many of which are original double brick houses built over a century ago), would undoubtedly be damaged by developments like these. Of note is the row of historic old trees and greenway on Ellen subway. Of great concern is the overloading of local infrastructure with negative ramifications on the local residents. There are many significant negative impacts including upon residents; local views (visual amenity), sense of community, and potential drop in property values. We do not want these apartment complexes (DA2017/0398, and/or DA2017/0570, or DA2018/0439), or similar developments to proceed in the area. We wish to be advised of future applications, as per Georges River Council requirements.
We strongly oppose the overdevelopment of our suburbs.