GW Needs to Refund Half of the Tuition for All GW Students

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Jane Doe
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GW has transitioned to online classes and is not letting students return to campus. Due to classes being online, GW needs to give a partial refund to all students. Students pay to attend in-person classes, not online ones. If students wanted to attend online classes, they could have chosen to do so somewhere else for cheaper.

Many students cannot properly learn in this environment and some professors are not even holding any sort of class. Some professors have told us to essentially self-learn the material and just reach out for questions. What are we paying for? If we wanted to teach ourselves, we would not be attending GWU.

In the wake of COVID-19, GW should be sympathetic to students and families. Many students and families of students are struggling with unemployment and other stressors. GW needs to be sensitive to this. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is not fair or ethical to keep full tuition when the promised service is not being provided. Students pay the full amount of their tuition to attend in-person classes to succeed and learn hands-on. Online classes do not provide the same experience. GW is not holding up their end of the deal when it comes to providing education; therefore, we should not be paying our full tuition.