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Stop kicking engineers out of the Science & Engineering Hall

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GW opened the Science & Engineering Hall claiming that it is truly a building designed and built with students in mind. This was supposed to be a building that would enable students to explore, innovate, and learn in ways that were unimaginable in Tompkins or Corcoran Hall. This was supposed to be a building that welcomed scientists and engineers, welcomed SEAS students, and would become a new home for us in the way that Tompkins was. Instead, we find a building that lacks student space. We find a building that seems to have forgotten the type of work that science and engineering majors do. We find a building that fails to recognize the long hours and the countless all-nighters that go into earning an engineering degree. We have been moved out of our home in Tompkins, told the SEH was going to be this amazing space that we are all going to love to work in, then 10pm comes, and GWPD tells us to get out like we are criminals trespassing in our own building. After all, this was a building built FOR the students, right? We have spent the past month working in the SEH 24/7 without issue, but in the last two nights, we have been told to leave at 10pm, herded out like cattle, and today I received a police escort to my cubicle to simply retrieve a forgotten USB drive. All of this without any notice to students, without any explanation or reasoning. Stand up and tell GWPD and the GW administrators in charge of the SEH that engineers do not stop working at 10pm! We need to at least open a dialogue to get GW to understand that engineers need some place to work with other engineers, at the times that engineers tend to work.

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