Gamestop accepting Dogecoin as a payment option

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We all want to change the world piece by piece with a movement started by Reddit. By defending many companies against what we think are unfair and downright criminal short attacks we have shown that to the world already. That's why we want to break free from centralized currency and start the world of tomorrow with decentralized crypto currency.

We love Dogecoin as it represents us as future oriented people with unconventional humor and hope for a better future without corruption and greed. It is the currency of social media and loved by many because of it's meme status! Dogecoin started as a joke but it's actually a seriously powerful currency that could definitely be implemented.

That's why we are asking for your help to give Doge the credit it deserves, to grow an Idea of what our future could look like. If GameStop would accept Dogecoin as a currency, that would bring us one step closer to that idea.

Thank you for your help and consideration, every vote counts!