Give us a #bloodyrefund! Campaign to donate all #tampontax proceeds to women's charities

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I don't know about you, but I want a #bloodyrefund - and soon!

Unless you've been consciously avoiding the media for the last week, you've probably seen lots of coverage about the #tampontax in the news. It's astonishing - in this day and age women STILL have to pay 5% VAT on tampons and sanitary towels, because menstrual protection is seen as a 'luxury'. Cue understandable outrage from women - few of us have ever considered treating ourselves to a tampon!

Unfortunately, it's a bit tricky to scrap the tax as apparently it would take EU consensus to do so. Hopefully our elected representatives will get on with lobbying to make that happen as soon as possible...

In the meantime, though, George Osborne could easily make the situation for women much less outrageous by simply donating all the #tampontax proceeds to women's charities.

According to Fabian Society estimates, that's around £45 million a year. Can you imagine how much good that would do in the hands of rape crisis centres, single mum support networks, and campaigns for women's health?

And remember, ladies, it's our money - we paid for it in VAT on our #luxurytampons after all. I think it's time for a #bloodyrefund - don't you?

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