Stop taxing periods. Period. #EndTamponTax


Cameron's great negotiations,
Because he told us it was true.
But Ladies still pay Tampon tax,
And there's nothing we can do.

Consider our own Government,
Almost elected Democratically.
Ladies, your needs are free of tax,
But Europe went, - He! he! He!

Osborne, the great Chancellor,
Said " There's nothing I can do.
All member states have to accord,
And we must stay in the E.U.

Take Mrs. Thatcher now,
Who no doubt had female needs.
Her salary masked trivial tax,
And Heath said " Let her bleed."

If the rules change in this Club,
And the Ladies are rightly not happy.
Withhold your Subs. Go down the Pub,
And welcome new company.

The future is in our hands at last,
And it's Referendum time.
All Party Leaders have conspired,
So we LEAVE and that's sublime.

MIKE MAUNDER, Northampton, ENG, United Kingdom
5 years ago
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