Scrap First Great Western and Arriva Trains Wales 'Pacer' Trains.

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The 'pacer' trains are extremely old and in need of replacement. Recently the Department for Transport announced the replacement of these trains for the North of England only. Northern Rail, the trains' operator, own 102 pacers at the time of writing, which will cost an extreme amount of money to replace, however this is undoubtedly worth it. The only problem is that the South West and Wales have been left out, and will have to deal with these trains for even longer, after the North had ditched theirs. FGW and ATW only have 38 pacers combined, which is far under half of the number owned by the North, which makes it seem a very strange move to replace 102 trains, yet ignore 38 others.

The leasers of these trains make an absolute killing from leasing these due to their cheapness and simplicity, but this comes at the cost of passenger satisfaction and the ticket prices certainly don't reflect this.

Ideal trains to replace these train veterans are the turbostars, which are in service in most parts of the UK that use diesel traction, which makes the prolonged use of pacers on these areas even more cruel. Turbostars have 23m long carriages, 7 metres longer than a pacer, and can run in formations of up to 4 cars per unit. This allows for a much better quality of travel, and a unified fleet across the entirety of England.

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