Preserve Kaaimans River estuary from development

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Petition to stop housing at mouth of Kaaimans estuary

To each of you who signed this petition – a heartfelt Thank You!The petition passed 10 000 signatories over the weekend, and is showing no signs of slowing down. This, together with the comments added by many of you, show one thing very clearly: South Africans and visitors agree that building on this beautiful and famous estuary is plain wrong and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED.The decision now rests with the George Municipality. This petition, together with many objections by conservation bodies and individuals, has been delivered to the decision-makers. They have been reminded that their own planning document, the George Municipal Spatial Development Framework (2019), tells them to refuse this application. For example, it states:* The Kaaimans River Corridor … is considered to be a significant natural and rural landscape to be preserved as a distinctive gateway to and from the George city area. …* Scenic landscapes and features must be safeguarded.* Scenic routes provide public access to the enjoyment of these landscapes. The routes and the land use alongside these routes should be managed in such a way as to not compromise the views offered but to mark and celebrate the landscapes and the origins or nature of their significance.Owing to your action, the Municipality knows how unpopular approving this application – in conflict with their own planning principles – would be. But the decision still hangs in the balance – please continue to share this petition so that the Municipality realises just how outraged South Africans would be if this goes ahead.Thanks again so much for your help. If we can save Kaaimans in this way, we shall also send a message for similar situations in the future.

Peter Lilienfeld
1 year ago