Petitioning George Lucas

Bring the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to Chicago

New  resident, filmmaker, and philanthropist George Lucas has proposed to build and endow the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to house and publicly display his renowned collection highlighting the American Art of Storytelling.  This ambitious facility will include an impressive collection of illustrative art, cinematic art and design, as well as digital art.

We appeal to you, Mr. Lucas, to bring your museum to the most American of American cities, the inspiration for Studs Terkel, Nelson Algren, Saul Bellow, Gwendolyn Brooks, Carl Sandburg, and countless other literary greats. The "Windy City" was the birthplace of Walt Disney, the Chicago Renaissance, the Chicago Imagists, and the New Mural MovementCharlie Chaplin began his movie career at Chicago's Essanay Studios, while the works of John Hughes as well as Jim Belushi kept the tradition of film alive long after the industry left for Hollywood. There's no better place than Chicago as a setting to showcase the art of the American Story, this place so tellingly born of imagination and bluster.

Fellow Chicagoans, Mr. Lucas is currently evaluating sites for this privately financed museum and arts, education, and cultural center in Chicago, San Francisco, and possibly other cities.

By the end of May, Mayor Rahm Emanuel will propose sites within Chicago that provide an opportunity to partner with Mr. Lucas to ensure this museum will have the audience and respect that a project of this scope deserves. 

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum is a once in a lifetime opportunity not only for a new world-class cultural venue in Chicago, but also the vital chance to preserve and reuse historic structures in our built environment, a city known the world over for its architecture. 


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Letter to
George Lucas
Chicago area residents, parents, educators, and patrons of the arts, all ask that you join us in supporting our efforts to bring the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to Chicago.

This museum has the potential to inspire countless visitors to hone their imaginations in new ways that defy the present, bringing hope in a city where many have naught. The best way to truly understand art is to experience it, and we are grateful for the opportunity to house this dazzling array that you are now sharing with the world.

We thank you, and want to express our genuine appreciation, for your generosity to a city that you've only recently come to enjoy. We kindly ask for your consideration as the site for your inspired vision to tell the saga of the visual story in America.