Save Waialua from Developer trying to rezone Ag-1 restricted into fake affordable housing.

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Another fake affordable housing project in Waialua that is trying to rezone AG-1 Restricted to R-5 Residential and add 30 new homes that dishonest developer Aaron Jones deems affordable, (not the city).  To the city affordable means you earn below 60% of the norm and you price houses accordingly.  The people that work and live in this area will not be affordable these houses. The developer Aaron Jones has already dug an illegal well on this property without permits and started stealing water from the Waialua Water Table and was trying to sell water to tenants before Water Commission and Charles Ice did an inspection and shut the well down.  

Aaron Jones is also currently renting land to a "Saw Mill Operator" who operates his saw mill at 66-920 Paahihi Street on Ag-1 restricted land. A saw mill is considered heavy industrial and has to be operated on industrial zoned land.  Aaron Jones does not think he has to follow the laws of the land.  Aaron Jones has proven time after time that he will circumvent LUO's, and Building Codes and mislead people for his own selfish reasons.  Do we want a person that digs an un-permitted illegal well and does not follow LOU's  building a housing development in our neighborhood.