Support our local School and stop dangerous driving/obstruction during school runs, Now!

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A child can become seriously injured or killed due to the ever increasing lack of consideration from drivers during busy school times. Please support Penpol School to create and maintain a safe environment outside of the School premises for our children. The yellow markings to keep the school area clear is there to keep our children safe during such busy times of day. Too often of late I have witnessed many cars driving or reversing into one another, obstructing the flow of traffic, and one too many near misses of parents or children being hit by a vechile. My car took a near miss and it’s only a matter of time before a tradgedy happens. I encourage parents who travel by car to park safely and walk their children onto the school premises, to help keep the area clear for our children as they arrive and leave. Support our wonderful Lollipop Lady who works hard to keep our children safe. Please sign and share, thank you.