Make school food-growing and self-sufficiency a dedicated national curriculum subject

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Download a FREE Vegetable Planting Calendar

I've designed an A3 Vegetable Planting Calendar that can be downloaded at and it's absolutely free.

It is available in either JPEG or PDF format. It can be printed at your local digital printers or contact my printer and vegschoolmeals supporter Dave at www.acegraphics in North London.

Look out for the new blog feature at I've written a brief introduction but the idea is to have guest-blogs from vegschoolmeals supporters. New supporters include Jeanette Orrey MBE, founder of Food for Life; the Chef's Forum; writer Steve Shaw; Growmad (home of the home gardener) and Lindsay Graham of the Poverty & Inequality Commission and The National Lottery Community Fund Scotland.

Please continue to share the petition and get involved on Twitter. If you are on any other social media platform, please link to the petition.

Many thanks.

July 2021



Ian Dunn
3 weeks ago