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Make water fountains compulsory at airports to help end plastic pollution

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At airports people are forced to buy bottles of water because we're not allowed to take liquids through security. These bottles are often thrown away within minutes or hours. This is needless waste and is greatly contributing to the urgent problem of plastic pollution in the environment.

Recently a study revealed that there are plastic fibres in tap water around the globe, which means we are literally drinking plastic. This is scary. We're also eating plastic that's found its way into fish through the food chain. I want to do something to help both ourselves and all other living creatures to thrive on a clean and healthy planet free of pollution and rubbish.

Furthermore, water is a basic right and need for humans and it should be readily available everywhere. Installing compulsory water fountains at airports would be a solution, and crucially it would help reduce the amount of plastic waste which is poisoning and defiling our world.

Sign this petition if you would like to reduce plastic pollution and be able to access drinking water at airports.

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