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To review the laws of using electric self-balancing boards and unicycles in public places

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On the 11th October 2015 CPS announced that the use of electric self-balancing boards and unicycles are illegal to use on pavements.

The electric self-balancing boards and unicycles are eco-friendly, personal travel devices. To achieve the maximum speed (up to 10mph) a flat and even surface is required. While some may argue that this is too fast for a vehicle on a pavement, it is mostly impractical and impossible to travel at such speed when considering the UK weather and pavement quality. The devices also come with a manual which emphasises safe, respectful use when used in the public domain to avoid causing any nuisance or danger to other pavement users.

Mobility scooters, which are much larger and heavier than electronic self-balancing boards or unicycles, have speeds of up to 10 mph and can go on pavements as well as roads. They do not require a license and anyone can buy or rent them. These devices are tested by the Department For Transport and this is what we ask the Government to do with regards to the electric self-balancing boards and unicycles. We also ask what we can do to make them legal.

This isn't just a question of allowing people to have fun, it is a question of how relevant the UK wants to be in an ever expanding technological world. If we limit the public use of innovation, we limit our progress in innovation (which is evident by the lack of UK inventions - in fact we only contribute 0.3% of the world's inventions at the moment). To limit their use would be harming small businesses and the people who have already invested hundreds of pounds in them. The electric self-balancing boards and unicycles offer a level of exercise through the control of the device and also acts as a fun, safe, cost efficient and eco-friendly option to travel and have recently been encouraging younger and older generations to get out of the house as they are great for toning legs, improving core muscles and for improving posture. This innovation should be supported and encouraged in the UK not made illegal.

AirWheel Ltd who are the distributors of the AirWheels and AirBoards have said: "We have had disabled users talking to us about how life changing the AirWheel products have been in allowing them to travel in a way they never previously thought possible. We have countless business commuters aged 21-45 years old that rely on their AirWheel to get to and from work every day, avoiding the necessity of cars and motor bikes. All are respectful AirWheel users that benefit the environment and society through their use. We even have physiotherapists that use the AirBoards, stating their benefits including and not limited to ankle rehabilitation and strengthening". The AirWheel Ltd have been trading for 2 years and are just one company selling these devices; to date they have sold thousands of them.

The law that currently dictates on this type of device is cited from 1835 and pre-dates the Penny Farthing.

Electronic self-balancing boards and unicycles need to be considered and tested on UK pavements before being disregarded.

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