Change the drastically unfair fishing quotas for our fishermen and women

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Every single day our fishermen and women are forced to throw back perfectly salable DEAD fish. 

The utter waste of marine life to conserve "stocks" is ridiculous, ONE boat this week had to offload £30,000 worth of DEAD bass! 

Now how does this conserve anything except stocks of seagulls (while they float dead) then crabs when they finally sink?

Every single day, millions of pounds worth of dead fish are discarded due to our completely ridiculous laws on fishing quotas and conservation of stock. This helps nobody, most of all our hard working fishing industry. 
The government let foreign trawlers come and take as much of our our stock as they like and land it in their respective countries, HOW IS THIS FAIR???  
This needs to stop and stop NOW, never mind after we leave the EU, its a senseless waste and its affecting peoples livelihoods. Start focusing on what really matters instead of penalising people who risk their lives each day to put food in our supermarkets and on our tables. Stop this madness NOW!

This picture is from ONE boat on ONE day! a few days later they slipped 4 tonnes
Just think how much tax revenue this would make for the government across our entire fishing fleet, but no, they prefer to get their money from speed cameras, bus lane, on tobacco and alcohol, our savings we save and have already paid tax on, our inheritance, and various other sneaky ways of grabbing it without actually doing anything for it! 
Wake up UK government you are killing the country. 

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