Allow homeowners in Saddlebrook to invest in Solar Panels

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Home-owners in Saddlebrook want to take advantage of Solar Energy by installing Solar Panels on their property. Solar Panels allow owners to invest their money, save thousands of dollars, and significantly decrease or eliminate their monthly electric bill. Solar panels also contribute towards a more energy savings home and increase property value of a home. There are currently several incentives that would give a home-owner several thousands of dollars in returns/rebates which are all decreasing by the end of 2018, and completely expiring by 2021. Saddlebrook regulations do not specify any restrictions on solar panels, so George Delk, the developer of Saddlebrook decides whether or not home-owners can reap the benefits of Solar Energy. George Delk states that Solar Panels are "aesthetically unappealing to the eye." If you live in Saddlebrook, and would allow your neighbors to invest in, install solar panels, and take advantage of all current rebates and incentives, please sign the petition to make a change.