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Our wise and courageous former Prime Minister, John Howard has used the full imprimatur of his status and office as a one-time Coalition leader in a public statement carried in The Australian newspaper on Saturday, 30.09.2017. The national broadsheet advertisement bears Mr Howard's photo and signature. We are grateful that he has voiced the most URGENT need for what our incumbent Liberal-National Government MPs must do before the postal 'Survey' results come out on November 15th- that is to spell out guaranteed Protections in Law, if the Yes vote wins!

Our Petition to Mr George Christensen, Mr Craig Kelly, Mr Andrew Hastie, Mr Andrew Laming and The Hon Tony Abbott is, to be equally courageous and to initiate this Draft Bill for THE PROTECTION OF PEOPLES' RIGHTS BILL. This Draft Bill should include full protection for free speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, rights of parents in their choice of children’s gender education and children’s rights to their biological parents.

Malcolm Turnbull is to be commended for standing by the election promise to hold a form of modified ‘plebiscite’ and he must do the right thing by the people to protect their rights also –not only one ‘right’ of the “Yes” activists. In addition, Senator Cormann confirmed that the government would move to legislate for same-sex marriage regardless of the level of participation or size of the majority if the same-sex marriage postal survey returns a Yes outcome. Legislate on what? Do inform us now!

To quote Mr Howard, "It is completely disingenuous to assert that a change of this magnitude to a fundamental social institution does not have consequences.”

"It is precisely because parliament should reflect the will of the people that the people are entitled to know what, if anything, the Government will do on protections before the survey is completed. Otherwise people will not have been fully informed when they cast their votes."

The 'No' camp are aware of and totally opposed to the deceptive lies of the ‘Yes’ camp to arguments that changing the law to include same-sex marriage does not affect other rights and that the survey merely involves a simple yes/no question.

Like any heterosexual defacto couples, same-sex couples already have full equality under the law from 2008. But the LGTBI activists pushed this as not enough. They must redefine marriage but rarely focus on the real meaning and purpose of marriage. But threat of censure, attacks and vilification have been happening.

Look at what changing the definition of Marriage has done to the UK, Canada, the US and Ireland. We don't have to go down that same path if we are clever. Will Australia continue to be the lucky country?  WAKE UP, WAKE UP AUSTRALIA! 

So, George Christensen, Craig Kelly, Andrew Hastie, Andrew Laming and Tony Abbott, will your leadership in initiating the draft of THE PROTECTION OF PEOPLES' RIGHTS BILL be forever emblazoned in our historical pages?

Politicians, irrespective of parties or ideologies should vote as statesmen, for the good of the nation. The current incumbent Parliament must ensure freedom of speech, religious, educational and other peoples' freedoms are protected if any law is legislated.

This petition has been initiated by Sarah Lee & Team WAKE UP.


If you agree with our views, sign in the petition, and contact these great Australians directly and encourage them to lead the way and # THE PROTECTION OF PEOPLES' RIGHTS BILL.

1. CONTACT DETAILS: Mr George Christensen - An LNP-Nationals Federal Member in the House of Representatives, who serves the Dawson electorate. He fights for conservative values & Australian culture, stands up for North Queensland and fights for local jobs.

Call (07) 4944 0662                                            

2. CONTACT DETAILS: Mr Craig Kelly - Liberal Federal Member in the House of Representatives, for Hughes in Sydney's South including parts of the Sutherland Shire and Liverpool Council areas.

Call (02) 9521 6262                                                                                                          

3. CONTACT DETAILS: Mr Andrew Hastie - Liberal Federal Member in the House of Representatives, for Bowman, Queensland.  He fights for the national, economic and cultural security of all Australians as the federal member for Canning.

Call (08) 9534 8044                                                                  

4. CONTACT DETAILS: Mr Andrew Laming - Liberal Federal Member in the House of Representatives, for Mandurah, Western Australia

Call (07) 3821 0155                                                                           

5. CONTACT DETAILS: The Hon Tony Abbott - Liberal Federal Senator and Member in the House of Representatives, for Warringah, New South Wales. 

Let's Make Australia Work Again "We need to give the public something to hope for; we need to give our own people something to fight for."  - Tony Abbott

Call (02) 9977 6411                                                                                                

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