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Every year in Australia thousands of rabbits are factory farmed, housed in filthy, windowless sheds where they are confined to battery cages. They are imprisoned in these cages, where they are unable to display any forms of natural behaviour, for 10 -12 weeks, at which time they are sent to slaughter.

George Calombaris is a renowned chef and judge on the television show 'Masterchef'. Not only does he promote factory farmed rabbit flesh on the program, he also serves the meat in each of his restaurants. Rabbit farmers have attributed Calombaris’ promotion of rabbit with an increase in sales and the ability to expand their sheds. It is time for Calombaris to make a compassionate decision and stop endorsing and promoting this unfathomable cruelty.

Letter to
The Press Club George Calombaris
Mama Baba George Calombaris
I have recently been made aware that your restaurant serves the meat from intensively farmed rabbits. These rabbits are confined to over-crowded battery cages on factory farms, where they are unable to express any of their natural behaviours. I am appalled to learn that your restaurant would serve the meat from animals which have endured such a painful and unnatural existence. I implore you to cease supporting and profiting off animal cruelty and remove all dishes containing rabbit meat from your menu. I will no longer be frequenting your restaurant and will be urging others to do the same. Should you discontinue with your use of rabbit meat, I will resume my patronage.

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