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Expel Student Protesters at Evergreen State College for Race Driven Threats of Violence

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Students at Evergreen State College are threatening violence if the President of Evergreen State College does not meet their unreasonable demands. 

"Day of Absence & Day of Presence" is a day that occurs annually, where students & faculty at Evergreen State College can address "issues of race" facing the campus. It would seem now, however, that the "issue with race" is bigger than ever before, as students with white skin were asked to leave the college campus, so the "people of color" on campus could feel "safe." This ridiculous notion of course was met with resistance, as historic figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., fought to rid public places, such as schools, of race based segregation & unfair treatment based on one's skin color.

A professor on the campus, Bret Weinstein, voiced his opposition to this decision to segregate the campus, stating that "one's right to speak -- or to be -- must never be based on skin color." Regardless of how reasonable this may sound, an angry mob of outraged "SJW" students rushed to prevent Bret Weinstein from teaching his students on campus, that day. Police rushed in to check to see if Weinstein was safe, but were promptly blocked by the angry mob and not allowed to pass to conduct their welfare check on the Biology Professor.

Unsurprisingly, these students are also demanding that Bret Weinstein resign or be fired, an insane notion in response to a very reasonable protest. Yet, controversy continues as these protesters have now taken over the college, according to Weinstein, who appeared on Fox News to discuss the incident. Protesters approached the President of the college with a list of demands, however, it is apparent that the demands have not yet been met as the lock-down continues. Weinstein reported that the students are now threatening the campus, stating that if the President does not meet their demands, one such demand obviously being the firing of this innocent professor, that there will be violence.

Not only are these protests insanely regressive, as the very students who claim to speak for "racial equality" are fighting in favor of segregation based upon skin color, while criticizing the person who claims they should all "stand together," but threats of violence are turning these acts into a form of terrorism. The notion that students can walk onto a college campus and demand the college meets their desires or be punished with violence is criminal.

If you are against discrimination, segregation, race-based hate violence against people of all colors who have done nothing wrong, and threats of violence, please sign this petition. It is time that we teach young students that violent actions have consequences, that they do not control this free country, and that terrorist level threats will not be tolerated on our college campuses.

George Bridges, President of Evergreen State College, EXPEL these students
. Do not let them march onto your campus and make demands, while attacking your faculty members and professors for having an opinion or exercising their right to free speech. We, the people, WILL support your action to give these students the punishment they deserve and allow the police to swiftly remove them from campus grounds. Take a stand, and we will support you in your stance!

If you'd like to see the video of the protesters as they ridicule this professor, shouting him down whenever he tries to speak and calling him a "racist," while simultaneously fighting in favor of racist segregation, see the video below. 

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