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Prisons to be monitored from an independent entity.

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This petition is for stopping abuse in Juvenile Detention Centres and Correctional Centres within Australia, we have set out below the proposed changes, they are simple but effective changes that will make the Correctional facilities uphold their core values of service to the public. Also once enough support has been gained this will be forward to Senator George Brandis. This is important to our people in prison and also to us as the general public, as the Australian Government has found it necessary to hold a Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory, in the past they have also found it necessary to hold Royal Commissions for the Prison Sector. This shows there needs to be an improvement and for accountability to be held. 

The purpose is to stop the current and ongoing abuse of inmates; in any form, short or long term, physical or psychological, and for there to be immediate action taken.

This can be achieved by having a remote monitoring station that monitors all interactions between Correctional Officers and inmates. Monitoring all surveillance cameras and reviewing body cams that are to be worn. This facility is a completely separate entity to Corrective Services.

The reason this proposal is effective is because the Corrective Services will be held accountable for their actions immediately. Having a completely separate entity to monitor and up hold the core values and principles of Corrective Services.

Also there are many other benefits to supporting this proposal. Tax payer funded investigation eg Royal Commissions. Ruling out ongoing abuse (Psychological and Physical abuse) can help with rehabilitation/reoffending rate, Stress on families members with incarcerations. There are so many aspects to which our proposal helps. 

Correctional Facilities are here to correct the wrongs according to today's laws. We want our people to be safe while serving their time in corrections as there are much better chances for rehabilitation when inmates return to society. To me this is unbelievably important as an Aboriginal male, correctional centre's have held mistrust and abuse in our hearts, due to deaths in custody and abuse that never seems to be rectified, not just for Indigenous people but for non-indigenous as well.

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