NO TORTURE Provisions National Security Legislation 2014

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"Immunity from liability", Section 35K of the draft  National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No.1) 2014 bill states:

"A participant in a special intelligence operation is not subject to any civil or criminal liability for or in relation to conduct if …
 the conduct does not involve the participant engaging in any conduct that:

(i) causes the death of, or serious injury to, any person; or
(ii) involves the commission of a sexual offence against any person; or
(iii) causes significant loss of, or serious damage to, property;"


Torture is a counterproductive strategy. 

People will tell the torturers what they want to hear, obviously.
It provides false certainty,  and therefore a false basis for Security decision making. 
This legislation undermines the honour and integrity of Australia as a country.

It is against UN Charter of Human Rights

Articles 7 says:

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

 "Immunity from liability" appears to give ASIO scope to break the law when undertaking covert operations.

Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus said the opposition was "seeking clarification from the government" on the extent of the powers.

"While I am confident of the professionalism and integrity of our security agencies, if acts of torture might be permitted under these laws, then that's entirely unacceptable," he said. 

"If there's ambiguity here, we will seek an amendment to the bill to make clear that nothing in the act allows torture in any form.  

"The bill should not overrule Australia's obligations under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, or Australia's implementing legislation under the Commonwealth Criminal Code."

Senator David Leyonhjelm, of the Liberal Democratic Party:

"These provisions are shameful. As a nation we should be better than this. Australia is engaged in a fight against barbarism, but that does not justify becoming barbarians ourselves."

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Pol Pot Regime 

How a torture strategy became genocide over 2.2 million died

Khmer Rouge records from the Tuol Sleng interrogation and detention centre in Phnom Penh (also known as S-21) show that 14,499 "antiparty elements", including men women and children, are tortured and executed from 1975 to the first six months of 1978. Only seven of those detained at the centre will leave it alive.

2008 - On 11 February 'The Independent' newspaper publishes an exclusive interview with Kaing Khek Iev.

"I and everyone else who worked in that place (Tuol Sleng) knew that anyone who entered had to be psychologically demolished, eliminated by steady work, given no way out," Kaing Khek Iev tells reporter Valerio Pellizzari.

"No answer could avoid death. Nobody who came to us had any chance of saving himself. ...

"It was Ta Mok who had ordered all the prisoners to be eliminated. We saw enemies, enemies, enemies everywhere. ...

"I was cornered, like everyone in that machine, I had no alternative. Pol Pot, the No. 1 Brother, said you always had to be suspicious, to fear something. And thus the usual request came: interrogate them again, interrogate them better.

"If I had tried to flee, they were holding my family hostage, and my family would have suffered the same fate as the other prisoners in Tuol Sleng. If I had fled or rebelled it would not have helped anyone."



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