Support current zoning & for all Crofton Meadows Elementary School to attend Crofton High.

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Ashley Danus
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We, the residents zoned for Crofton Meadows Elementary School (CMES), request our current school zone be considered for future attendance to Crofton Area High School. Additionally, we want to maintain our current boundary markers. Currently, there are 539 students, 90% of them are designated as "walkers" to the school. The following describes our reasoning behind this request:
·      Safety should be a top priority for the students. The proximity to Crofton Area High School from CMES negates the need for students to cross heavy traffic roads (i.e. HWY 3 and HWY 450). Additionally, our students will have greatly reduced transit times, which in turn increases their safety as they begin to drive themselves to and from school. Reducing transit times also decreases fatigue in students traveling long distances to attend school. Our community resides less than 1 mile from the new Crofton Area High School. South River High School is located 12.1 miles away from CMES and Arundel High School is located 5.7 miles from CMES. It seems logical, and an efficient use of county resources, to zone CMES to Crofton Area High School due to its close proximity and the ability of CMES families to walk or carpool to school.
·      We believe the school board should optimize the quality of life for our students.  Due to CMES’s close proximity to Crofton Area High School, many students will be able to walk and/or ride bicycles to school thus increasing their physical activity, improving their fitness, and increasing the sense of community.
·      Also as a result of CMES’s close proximity, it seems logical as well as fiscally responsible to zone CMES accordingly. Several hundred families, the majority of the CMES school zone, would be located within one and one half miles of Crofton Area High School. Therefore, the need for transportation would be reduced. Furthermore, reducing the environmental impact due to physical proximity of the school.  We urge you to consider the practicality of the physical location and proximity to both CMES and Crofton Area High School when reviewing boundary lines.  

·      In order to build and strengthen relationships of our students and their peers attending CMES, we feel strongly that they should collectively attend Crofton Middle School and Crofton Area High School. 

·      Crofton is a highly desirable area and many families are settling in our community as a result of Crofton Area High School. There is great value in our students attending school in Crofton, both socially and economically. We are excited for Crofton Area High School and we appreciate your efforts to make the best decisions for our children regarding the redistricting for the school. Thank you for supporting our Crofton community!