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File a Wrongful Death Civil Suit against Casey Anthony

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On July 5, 2011, a non jury set the murderer of Caylee Marie Anthony free. Even with all the Indirect Evidence, Witnesses, and Expert Testimony, the non jurors said "Not Guilty". They did not even deliberate for a full day nor ask to see any evidence or testimony.

But this isn't about the bland and disinterested jurors, this is about you George!
Belief has it that they believed Jose Baez's lie (coming from the Murderer) that Caylee drowned and that you George helped to cover it up. And your daughter said that you and Lee molested her, even though there was no proof or evidence indicating either happened.

And you were accused of having an affair! How much more are you willing to overlook and accept George? Your own wife believes her daughter, so much so that she lied in a court of law for her; smiled after the non-verdict; tried to visit her in jail after the verdict; said that the verdict was a sign from God that the death of Caylee was an accident. And you are staying with her George. Really? By doing so, you are saying that everything your daughter has said about you is true. You are living with a woman who thinks that your granddaughter accidentally drowned and disregards everything that your daughter has said or done.

Cindy accepts the verdict and is still living in a fantasy world. She wants a relationship with a person who murdered her granddaughter. Cindy holds onto the fact that the jury said your daughter was “not guilty”. Again, really? There’s never been a wrongful acquittal, ever?

George, in an interview with Dr. Phil, you stated:

"Casey Anthony's father has suggested that his 2-year-old granddaughter may have died as a result of "chemical babysitting" gone horribly wrong -- and he blames his daughter for it.

Retired police detective George Anthony told Dr. Phil McGraw in a televised interview that he believes the little girl may have been drugged with Xanax or a similar compound so that Casey Anthony could go out partying with friends. He said he also believes that Casey Anthony played a role in crudely burying the child's remains in the woods just a short distance from the grandparents' home.

"I blame her for Caylee not being here. ... I do," he said of his daughter. "Do I believe that Casey is involved? ... Yeah." He added: "Did Casey cover something up? Yes, you can see that. You can see by the lies."

He said he believes his granddaughter was given something -- some kind of drug -- to knock her out, and then "placed in the back of the car and transported around." It was unclear whether he was referring to the trunk, which is where authorities believe the little girl's body was stowed at one time.

George Anthony said he believes his daughter wanted freedom. "To go out and have a good time, to be with friends, to go out and have this life she didn't have with Caylee, some freedom that she wanted, that's what I feel."

George Anthony said he had trouble believing the girl's death was just a tragic accident. "If Caylee drowned, then why all this elaborate coverup?"

We the people, who want justice for Caylee Marie Anthony, are asking you to honor your granddaughter’s memory. Please do the right thing and hold your daughter accountable for her actions.

Caylee did NOT get justice in Criminal Court but you can make sure she gets it in Civil Court.

Fred Goldman, father of murdered son Ronald Goldman honors his memory by relentlessly pursuing his murderer, OJ Simpson. Mr. Goldman has no doubt wanted to throw in the towel over the years but love for his son and respect for his memory kept him going.

And one of Fred Goldman’s greatest achievements for Ron Goldman was filing a Wrongful Death Civil Suit against OJ Simpson, and he was victorious! Fred and his family were not looking for money. They wanted something that was robbed from them, and that was holding OJ Simpson accountable for the deaths of their son and Nicole Brown Simpson. The world was able to hear the evidence against Simpson and a Jury of his peers found him responsible for their deaths.

That said George; you have said you loved your granddaughter, so much so that you almost took your life so that you could be with her. Well why not give Caylee the respect she deserves? Also, give all Caylee’s supporters a reason to hope that another jury will find your daughter responsible for her death. Caylee deserves justice and if it’s in a civil trial, that will prevent your daughter from ever cashing in on Caylee’s death, then so be it.

Come on George, if Fred Goldman had the stamina and guts to go after OJ Simpson, surely you can do the same for Caylee. We are counting on you.

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