GenZ Trust Fund- Legislative Climate Action within Florida

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PLEASE NOTE: We have attached the emails of Florida's house representatives, senators, commissioners, mayors, and our governor to this petition. Every signature automatically gets sent as a notification to them. Your voice has an impact. PLEASE share this petition with everyone around you so we can see legislative action this upcoming session.

Generation Z, especially youth with already marginalized identities, is being the most affected by the impacts of climate change. This is the reality, and legislation reducing climate-related disasters by lowering emissions and transforming food systems has never been more important.

As a coastal state, Florida will continue to be significantly impacted by sea-level rise and air/water pollution, without any necessary measures taken to reduce the consequences of these events. 

While climate change is starting to gain recognition within our state offices,  it’s not enough to affirm that the action we need will be achieved.

The GenZ Trust Fund is a youth-led pledge created to ensure that Florida’s elected officials and candidates are willing to invest in GenZ’s future by advocating for a transition to renewable energy, preservation of natural resources/areas, and sustainable agricultural practices that will reduce the impacts of climate change.

This is Zero Hour to act on climate change. 

And we need our politicians' action.

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