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NOTICE OF OBJECTION: Declaring parts of Westdene Special Development Zones (SDZ)

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As a resident or homeowner, I hereby object to parts of Westdene being declared Special Development Zones for the reasons given below:

Flawed Planning

  • Current assessment totals used by the COJ and JDA are incorrect as they do not take into account the 200 + illegal communes already being operated in the Westdene/Sophiatown area, therefore the decision-making process regarding densification in the area, based on this information from COJ, was flawed.

The Infringement on Property Owner / Residents Rights

  • Homeowner rights to object to re-zoning are being repudiated and I regard such violation as unconstitutional.
  • The plans presented by council are not final and are based on suggestions only, thus leaving decisions to developers with no guarantee that they will conform to the original plans as I, as property owner/neighbour, only give approval for tentative plans and not final plans.

An Exacerbation of Infrastructure Problems

  • As one study will be used for the next few years, no relevant input from the city authorities will be obtained during development, leaving us vulnerable to a further deterioration of infrastructure, such as power failures and blocked sewerage pipe lines.
  • Infrastructure will not be upgraded as relevant to this proposed densification and will thus come under enormous pressure – currently we are already experiencing a collapsing infrastructure in Westdene.

A Decline in Property Values

  • Property values will be negatively affected as homeowners will have no control over what is constructed next to their properties or how the occupation will be managed in the multi-storey building.
  • The plan is not only for students but mixed housing thus potentially presenting an opportunity for criminal elements to settle in the area – this has already occurred in high-density areas such as Windsor and Hillbrow where crime has destroyed property values.

An Escalation in Crime

  • Crime will escalate tremendously as Sophiatown SAPS admitted that they currently do not have the manpower or capacity to cope, the influx of thousands of new people render this situation beyond their control.
  • The area will become overcrowded and this will exacerbate the illegal drug trade and associated crime that is currently already at very high levels – due to the manpower and resource shortages at SAPS and JMPD this cannot be controlled effectively.

I reserve the right to amplify and expand upon the formal objection contained in this correspondence at a later stage and in the appropriate forum, if necessary. While I have many more concerns that can be tabled at this time, I reserve my right to express them during the hearings.

Please advise me of the date and time of any hearings and / or meetings pertinent to this objection.

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