Implement pass/fail option for Red River College courses

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In consequence to the Covid-19 crisis, students all over are teaching themselves material for the remainder of their courses.  Professors are advising students to read the material/study without lab/exam prep. Yes, there are mid-terms and finals being reformatted, some not at all.  However, this leaves many students at a disadvantage as not everyone excels in online curriculum (hence taking the course on campus). There are many concerns and questions and I cannot imagine how overwhelmed staff and students are during this time, as I know I am.  I believe there should be an opportunity for students to keep their current letter grade with assignments/tests re-weighted, or implement a pass/fail.  The University of Manitoba has already implemented this, and The University of Winnipeg has a petition to follow suit.

With the addressed issue, students of Red River College are kindly asking that the Academic board and Dr Christine E Watson Vice President for Academics consider the academic success of their students and the opportunity of deciding which grade to implement. 

Thank you Kindly.